• Oil-Only Absorbent Rolls and Pads
  • Oil-Only Absorbent Booms, Socks, and Pillows
  • Universal Absorbent Rolls and Pads
  • Universal Socks and Pillows
  • Absorbent Matting




  • Absorbs only oil
  • Absorbs oil based fluids such as hydraulic oil, motor oil, brake fluid, cooking oil,  and turpentine
  • Oil-Only Pads cover specific areas
  • Oil-Only Rolls cover large areas



  • Oil-Only Booms are designed to absorb oil while simultaneously repelling water
  • Oil-Only Booms are great for cleaning up oil, diesel, gas, petroleum and fuel on land, in the rain or on water
  • Oil-Only Socks are flexible, and easy to shape and can absorb up to 15x their own weight
  • Oil-Only Socks provide an excellent solution for cleaning oil spills, repelling water, and will never sink in water
  • Oil-Only Pillows float on water, and absorb only oil (all hydrocarbons) using super absorbent polypropylene
  • Oil-Only Pillows can be used to quickly clean up large amounts oil  in spills



  • An all-purpose clean-up product for oils, coolants, solvents and water-based fluids
  • Universal Pads are ideal for small contained spills
  • Universal Rolls accommodate larger spills readily, quickly cleaning large areas



  • All-purpose containment and clean-up products for oils, coolants, solvents and water-based fluids
  • Universal Socks are an exceptional solution to clean up sudden spills, forming around walls and into corners
  • Universal Pillows make make a great clean up solution for contained spills, absorbing gallons of liquid (depends on the size of the pillow)



  • A universal solution for cleaning up spills in walkway and small hallways
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