Terpco heating elements are available in multiple different varieties. Our heating elements are of the highest quality available and will work for years to come. They are available in the configurations shown below!



Various lead and potting options available for your specific applications. Diameters varying from 0.125” to 22mm available. The voltages and wattages can be set to fit your specific application. High and Medium watt density models available. Anti-Seize models are available to reduce the probability of seizing to metals.


Standard wattage tolerance for Nexthermal coil heaters is ± 10%. Premium wattage tolerance is ± 5%. Standardized heaters may be designed with tighter than published wattage tolerances. Consult Nexthermal Engineering. Hotlock and Axial Clamp heaters are available with ± 2% wattage tolerance.


The tubular heater design allows for easy forming of special designs, reducing down time. We offer tubular heaters in various diameters and wattages/voltages. Tubular heaters are your best choice for immediate, durable, high performance replacement heaters. Tubular heaters are available in square, round, and D shape.
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